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Official name: Republic of Nicaragua Capital: Managua Language:Spanish (official) Currency: Córdoba Political Division: 15 Departmentsand two regions Population: 5,023,818 (2002) Area per km: 129,494 Costsin km .: 910

Bank holidays: January 1 Maundy Thursday Good Friday May 1, 19 of,July 14 de Septiembre September 15 to November 2, 25December, New Year, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Labor Day, Daythe Revolution, Battle of San Jacinto, Independence Day, DayDead and Christmas

Hydrography Lake Managua or Xolotlán is adjacent to thecapital. Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca is one of the largestFreshwater tanks and also home to the only sharksfreshwater in the world. The lakes dominate much of the territory andThey are surrounded by volcanoes. The Caribbean coast has a dense forest.

Climate: Warm and humid in the east coast and drier inWestern. In the high mountains it is less hot.

Natural resources: Gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, timber, fish


Industry: Mining, drinks, food, cement, bricks,tiles. Agriculture: Sugar, corn, rice, beans, oranges, bananas,coffee, yucca, soya.

Livestock: Cattle, pigs.


Nicaragua is located in Central America between Honduras and Costa Rica.It makes the Pacific coast and the Atlantic Ocean. The mountain rangecrossing from north to southeast contains several volcanoes in thecentral part of the country.


inhabited by several indigenous groups, Nicaragua wasconquered by Spain in 1552. It obtained its independence in 1821.Nicaragua has an important heritage of biodiversity, accountwith the largest expanses of tropical forests and ecosystemsbest preserved land across Central America. The country has 720bird species. 200 mammals. 300 reptiles and amphibians and over 200species of freshwater fish. It has a kind of unique fishin the world called crappie arrow found only in LakeNicaragua.

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