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Located in a privileged place for its climate, among mountains, the city of Estel is one of the more beautiful in all of Nicaragua. The distribucin population is predominantly urban, 81 percent of its more than 100,000 people live in urban areas while only 19% live in rural areas.

Estel enjoys a subtropical climate cool, but it also has areas of tropical savanna climate, modified by the ridges and mountains that surround the city, having an altitude above sea level of 843.97 meters. - The average annual temperature is 21.4 C. The annual average is defined as the maximum temperature of 23.9 C and absolute maximum temperature ranges between 35.6 C and 35.8 C in the months of March to May.

Pan-American Highway Managua remains to 148Km. Its position is geogrfica 1305 'N latitude and 8621' length OE.

Its urban fabric is "typical of nearly all the colonial cities of Amrica, the valley extends opening between the blocks, plazas and gardens which are located the public buildings as the Cathedral.

As head of the department of the same name and principal city of northern pas Estel has a high commercial and industrial activity.The department montaoso and observed numerous natural areas important touristic attraction who act as the cascade of the Estanzuela with its height of 40m ms allows high jumps incredible or Miraflor Plateau - Moropotente with Maxim height to 1.460m.

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